Two new documentaries highlighting the failure of the war on drugs

This winter, theatres around North American and Europe will be screening two new documentaries, The House I Live In and Breaking the Taboo, which collectively trace the history and modern-day impact of the war on drugs. 

The House I Live In focuses on the impact of the war on drugs domestically in the United States, and features ICSDP Scientific Board Member Dr. Carl Hart. Breaking the Taboo follows the origins of the war on drugs and the Global Commission on Drug Policy’s campaign to expose its failures. For those willing to learn more about these issues or are simply interested in gripping narratives, these films should definitely not be missed.

ICSDP_Blog_HIL.jpgThe House I Live In

Winner of the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury award, Eugene Jarecki’s The House I Live In examines the impact political and economic corruption have had on the war on drugs, despite persistent and growing evidence of its failures.

Filmed in more than twenty states, the film follows drug dealers, family members, narcotics officers, senators, inmates and a federal judge to paint a picture of everyday life within the American war on drugs. Arguably America’s longest war, the war on drugs has accounted for more than 45 million arrests, making America the world’s largest jailer. Yet for all that, drugs are cheaper, purer, and more available today than ever before.

To find show times, click here. If you are interested in hosting a screening, click here for more information.

BreakingTheTaboo.jpgBreaking the Taboo

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, Breaking the Taboo traces the origins of the war on drugs and its impact on countries such as the US, Russia and Colombia.

Featuring prominent statesmen such as Presidents Clinton and Carter, and actors such as Kate Winslet and Morgan Freeman, Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson and many more, the film follows The Global Commission on Drug Policy on a mission to break the political taboo and expose the biggest failure of global policy in the last 50 years.

The film will launch 7th December 2012 on YouTube. For more on the film, click here.

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