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Press Releases

New report from Canada’s Drug Futures Forum outlines recommendations for the next decade of drug policy in Canada, July 2017

New policy brief provides guidance to states on aligning regulation of recreational cannabis markets with international legal obligations, May 2017

Canadian youth share perspectives on cannabis legalization, September 2016

Canadian civil society groups call for immediate action to opioid overdose crisis, August 2016

New study shows compulsory addiction treatment is less effective than voluntary treatments for drug dependence, February 2016

Scientists demand a new approach to evaluating illicit drug policy, January 2016

Científicos se pronuncian en contra de afirmaciones falsas sobre el cannabis, septiembre 2015 

Scientists speak out against false cannabis claims, August 2015

Dr. Dan Werb named Director of the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy; wins inaugural $1.5 million Avenir Award from US National Institute on Drug Abuse, July 2015

New research shows war on drugs has failed to reduce supply and access to illegal drugs internationally, September 2013

New Report: U.S. Government Data Demonstrates Failure of Cannabis Prohibition, October 2010

Victoria Council Endorses the Vienna Declaration, Supports Evidence-based Drug Policies, September 2010

Toronto City Council Endorses Vienna Declaration and Calls for Evidence-based Drug Policy, August 2010

Three Georgian Leaders Sign Vienna Declaration, Strengthen Call for Science-Based Drug Policy, July 2010

Three Former Latin American Presidents Sign Vienna Declaration, Join Global Call to Action for Science-Based Drug Policy Reform, July 2010

The Vienna Declaration: A Global Call to Action for Science-based Drug Policy, June 2010

GLOBAL REPORT: Prohibition, drug law enforcement drive violence, gun offenses and homicides, April 2010