Sign Your Name: Drug Policy Should Be Connected To Community Values

For too long, conventional enforcement-based drug policies have failed to meet the needs of communities.

Epidemics of fatal overdoses and HIV. Homicides and kidnappings. Torture in the name of treatment. 

Around the world, these are the most pronounced impacts of drug policies among many drug-affected communities. Yet, governments continue to base drug policies on very narrow indicators of effectiveness that are totally detached from community priorities.

For example, while governments evaluate drug policies based on the volume of drug seizures or the number of drug busts, they ignore the ‘real world’ impact of drug policies on the health, security, development, and human rights of communities.

That’s why, in an open letter from the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy, scientists are demanding that governments evaluate the success of drug policies based on the important ways that drugs and drug policies affect communities.  By adopting health, security, development and human rights indicators, governments will be better able to implement targeted and effective policies that align with community needs. The alternative is for governments to continue to ignore the unacceptably high levels of drug-related harms, with grave implications for the health and well-being of communities across the globe.

It’s time for governments to evaluate drug policies based on how they impact the health, security, development, and human rights of communities. 

Join scientists in calling on governments to align illicit drug policy goals with community concerns. Add your name in support of the open letter below.

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