Measuring Drug Policy Outcomes: Intersections with Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

For the sixth consecutive year, a side event was held at the 61st Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) to continue the global discussion on reprioritizing the objectives and indicators used to evaluate drug policies. Continue reading

Increasing International Interest in Drug Checking: Highlights from HR17

With growing international attention on the impacts and broad potential of drug checking services, a number of events at HR17 featured research findings and frontline experience with this harm reduction intervention. Continue reading

Preparing for 2019: Drug Policy Objectives and Indicators, System-wide Coherence and the Sustainable Development Agenda

Side event held at the 60th Commission on Narcotic Drugs offers insights into how drug policy indicators could aid in achieving the sustainable development agenda. Continue reading

The ICSDP Strongly Supports Health Canada’s Decision on Access to Heroin-Assisted Treatment

The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP) strongly supports Health Canada’s decision to once again allow doctors to prescribe pharmaceutical-grade heroin for the treatment of individuals with severe opioid addiction.  Continue reading

Former Teenager with Heroin Addiction Says Measuring Health Impacts Must Be Central to Evaluating Drug Policy

Overcoming my addiction to heroin as a teenager was the most challenging thing I have ever done, but a national drug policy that didn’t put health first only made it more difficult.   Continue reading

Scientific Experts Launch Open Letter on Need for New Metrics to Evaluate Drug Policy

On January 21, 2016, more than eighty representatives from Member States, UN agencies, and civil society organizations gathered for the launch of a scientific open letter on the path forward for drug policy evaluation.  Continue reading

To Change Drug Policy, First Change the Way You Measure It

It's clear that the way governments evaluate their drug policies dictates the kinds of outcomes that are highlighted. Reform must begin with a hard look at what governments prioritize in drug policy evaluations.  Continue reading

The Role & Responsibility of Scientists in Drug Policy Reform

Five years ago, the ICSDP was created as a response to scientific misinformation in the public discourse around drug policy. Today, the need for scientists to actively engage in the drug policy dialogue is greater than ever before. Continue reading

Is Cannabis Tourism a Cause for Concern?

As more and more places legalize and regulate cannabis, the wider implications of bringing the trade above ground have inevitably attracted scrutiny. A growth in tourism related to the drug is one such implication, and it’s dividing opinion.  Continue reading

Here’s Why We Hear So Many False Claims About Cannabis

As a neuropsychopharmacologist at Imperial College London, I study the impact of drug use on the brain. Like many scientists studying these issues, the results I detect in my lab have direct implications on how we can better equip ourselves as a society to deal with drugs. Continue reading